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I've been a yoga student since 2013 and became a certified yoga teacher in 2016. Before moving online, I taught yoga in Bangalore. Over the years, I have practised different yoga styles, refined my technique to take what works, removed what hasn't, and added what is uniquely my own. My successes and failures with yoga (and vipassana) have made me well- acquainted with its journey that puts me in a privileged position to help yours.

Yoga is a means for me to reach the deeper recesses of my body and mind. It's daily practise helps me internalize my environment better. It provides clarity and allows me to have better control over my emotions, speech, and actions. It has tested my grit and determination as much as my ability to accept and surrender to the present moment. It taught me humility through failures. It has been an adventurous journey of self-realization, and I continue to hone my grasp of the self with its practice.


Better health, clarity of thought, and living peacefully are the reasons why I practice yoga. To help others who seek to achieve the same is why I teach yoga.

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