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Yoga is a group of mental and physical practices to help strengthen one's mind and body. Gaze, posture, movement, and breath are the constructs of yoga through which we accomplish this. I teach yoga online to share this ancient wisdom of well-being.




4 pm / 6 pm IST

(UTC + 5.30)

75 mins

Ashtanga Half Primary series for beginners. A traditional style of yoga. A series of postures (asanas are performed. Transitions between these postures are achieved through breath and movements. It strengthens the body and mind, and brings clarity of thought. The focus is on breath, movement, gaze, and energy lock  (bandha)



4 pm / 6 pm IST

(UTC + 5.30)

60 mins

A style of yoga that focuses on body balance to cultivate a deeper awareness of the body and the mind. We perform spine-centric and back-bend practices,  arm balances, advanced asana mechanics, breath-work including Pranayama practice, and deconstructions of asanas.



4 pm /  6 pm IST

(UTC + 5.30)

50 mins

Each drill class focuses on a specific body region, or on foundations and alignment of asanas. We rapidly go through a series of asanas through vinyasa to improve strength and flexibility, concluding with core exercises.



8 am IST

(UTC + 5.30)

60 mins

A guided Vipassana meditation practice. A technique to improve the quality of mind.  It also helps reduce stress, and improves well-being. We use breathing techniques to first calm the mind, and follow that with focused breath (anapana). Subsequently, we transition to vipassana (body scans).

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

| A webcam is required for live interaction

| Classes offered through Google meet

| For ages 18 to 60 for all genders


I have become more flexible with the regular practice. The little chores which were daunting earlier seem very easy now. I had lower back pain which reminds me of its existence when I do the chores. I do not get reminded of that pain anymore that I almost forgot it did exist.

Rita makes it appear seamless. Rita is an excellent trainer and guru to start with. She knows the techniques and she knows where it hurts if you do it wrong so anyone with no knowledge of yoga can work on their posture. Above all, she is not the one to push you to do uncomfortable postures when you are not ready. She is one who teaches you to enjoy the journey and your progress where you as a student would fall in love with this divine art!

 Malini Venugopal, IT Professional, US

I like when you push me to try and make progress even if it's just a little. I have inculcated that in my day-in-day-out life as well. You make the difficult asanas look so easy and I am inspired to attempt myself with your encouragement . Your zeal, energy, involvement and your detailed attention is helping me transform into a better version of myself. I find myself more mindful. I am able to change my old habit patterns without much effort. (Thanks to your Vipassana Meditation Class) The well crafted classes are a true Value for money as I have achieved so much strength and flexibility in such a short time. You are an Inspiration. I love being your student.

Ipshita Mitra, Process Trainer, Gurgaon

After taking Rita's yoga classes, I came very close to achieving world peace. I almost solved the world's hunger problem. While I now sit in my balcony and ponder the meaning of life, birds come and sit beside me to feed off my energy. I find bliss in unemployment thanks to Rita's Yoga. My body image has completely changed: when I look side ways in the mirror, I see a straight line. If your goal is to get to mars, Rita's yoga offers better value the SpaceX. After her classes, even Groot now says "I am Rita Mishra Yoga."

Rita's husband, Unemployed, Kerala


I've been a yoga student since 2013 and became a certified yoga teacher in 2016. Before moving online, I taught yoga in Bangalore. Over the years, I have practised different yoga styles, refined my technique to take what works, removed what hasn't, and added what is uniquely my own. My successes and failures with yoga (and vipassana) have made me well- acquainted with its journey that puts me in a privileged position to help yours.

Yoga is a means for me to reach the deeper recesses of my body and mind. It's daily practise helps me internalize my environment better. It provides clarity and allows me to have better control over my emotions, speech, and actions. It has tested my grit and determination as much as my ability to accept and surrender to the present moment. It taught me humility through failures. It has been an adventurous journey of self-realization, and I continue to hone my grasp of the self with its practice.


Better health, clarity of thought, and living peacefully are the reasons why I practice yoga. To help others who seek to achieve the same is why I teach yoga.


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